Google has almost everything

Screenshot by-Xiyun Tu

When I googled my name, there were a lot of things I didn’t expect to come up(not in a bad way). My legal name is Xiyun Tu, not a whole lot popped up when I googled that name but still a couple of things. There were a lot of things that popped up from projects that I’ve made in school. I was also in the newspaper and online when I got inducted to Phi Theta Kappa from my last college. A lot of prezis I made also popped up when I google Xiyun Tu. Another name I go by is Xiyun Hessler, Hessler is my mom and step dad’s last name and what I will be going by soon. A lot of my social networks goes by Xiyun Hessler which a lot more things popped up when I googled that name. All my social media came up like I expected, there were only two actual pictures of me from the past. A lot of pins I’ve pinned on Pinterest showed up in images. A lot of articles from newspapers that has my name from tennis also popped up when I googled my name.

Besides all the social networks, I also found quite a few websites that had information about me and my family. That was the things I didn’t expected. There were accurate information about my dad that I didn’t think it would be online. My dad doesn’t put himself out there online at all, in fact, we even use the same Facebook account because he doesn’t want to get his own Facebook. So it was weird to see that his full name, address and how old he is are online for people to search.

After looking around at different websites, I found one website where I had no idea about. It had my name on it and a picture from awhile back, all it was just telling people that they can meet me through that website. I tried to log in with my all of my emails but they weren’t the valid ones. So I assumed someone hacked my information and try to meet people online with my name.

I wasn’t expecting that much of information about me online honestly, even the newspaper articles or educational things. I always knew I had something online from Myspace from middle school years but I haven’t googled myself for a few years. It’s good to see that a lot of projects I’ve made for school pops up when I google my name. If a potential employer googles me someday then he/she will see a lot of my school projects, my testimony from church, my high school tennis career, and pins on Pinterest.