Digital Activism

After scrolling through all the articles and reading through all the information on Digital Activism, I stumbled across on how to write my blog. There is so much information on digital activism. The definition of digital activism I found through google is that digital activism is the use of electronic communication technologies such as social media for a various forms of activism. The article “The 6 Activist Functions of Technology” mentioned that digital technology can only do six things for activists. The author gave six activist functions of digital tech and they are: shape public opinion, plan an action, protect activists, share a call to action, take action digitally, and transfer resources.

Shape Public opinion

Social media is a way that many people uses to share and shape their opinions. It is a place people feel safe to share their thoughts and ideas. On the article I read from The 6 Activist Functions of Technology, the author mentioned something a Facebook page We Are All Khaled Said, “The Internet offered an open environment that politicized the youths, allowed them to raise awareness on possibilities of shaping their future, diversified their perspectives, anonymized their identities, gave them the taste of free speech, and pushed them to see through the regime propaganda and despise it.“I truly believe that. There are a lot of organizations uses technology to reach out to people and help the people shape public opinion. Like the article mentioned, anyone with an Internet connection can start a blog. Anyone with a smartphone can record and upload a video of police abuse.

Plan an Action

The author said changing public opinion is a slow, low-burning, and often decentralized process. It takes time just like action requires planning. I truly believe that because once people put their opinions out there then it means they’re set on what they believe. It will be hard to change their opinions, it will require a lot of planning and careful consideration. Once activists grabs people’s attention then that’s when more people will decide whether or not to take action.

Protect activists

Digital technology provides protection for people who want to operate anonymous. Another thing I agree with the author was “No shield of anonymity is absolute.” People can stay anonymous but there’s usually someone out there who knows their existence.  Technology world is a world where people knows what you do or share. However, if people have a lot of knowledge on how to protect themselves behind those screens then the online world would provide a safe place for them.

Share a call to action

Calls to action appears in many ways, it is basically using technology and share with people what you did or let people know what you’re supporting. Many people run the risk that their calls to action will be censored and that’s one challenge people will face with a call to action.

Take action digitally

There are a lot of actions you can take from behind a screen. Taking action digitally is using technologies to protest or persuade. Activists will face people who disagree with them, they will face challenges the online world throws at them. A few examples of taking action digitally are: signing an e-petition, donating online, changing your profile pictures on Facebook to promote a cause, emailing your Congressman and a lot more other ways.

Transfer resources

A lot of money are put into resources, campaigning organizations. Transfer resources are a way of funding new types of organizations as well as shifting the balance of power. If your friend is advertising something on Facebook, why do you think they want you to like it, share it, or comment on it? It’s a way of sharing your opinion for others to see and it is a way to reach out to more people.

All the information above are a lot to take in, here’s something I want to share with you of an example of Digital activism.

Watch more videos and read more information on about the Buddy Project.

Teens are using social media to speak their thoughts and reach out to others who needs help or feel alone. By watching this buddy project video, it has shown me that this activism has been effective. The video not only includes the creator of this project, it also includes those who are involved and how this project has changed their lives. I know one thing I’ve participated as a digital activist would be how I let people know I am always there for them. When sharing opinions, I try my best not to hurt anyone’s feeling which sometimes that leads to not sharing too much online at all to avoid conflict. The key issues we should consider would be to watch what you put out there because at least one person out there will see it and know who you are.