Beanie Season

After watching more tutorial videos and finding ideas online on what project to make next in this independent-study, I have decided that it’s time to make a beanie or hat. The video above is my guideline in making my beanie. I’ve always wanted to make a beanie because the ones in clothing stores are so cute but expensive! My mom knits a lot of hats so it will be cool to show her that I know how to crochet a hat!

In this project, I learned how to create a new pattern based on what I’ve already know. This beanie calls for a single crochet which is the basic stitch of crocheting. To create the ribbed effect, I had to turn the yarn to the side of the stitch to see the front loop and back loop. Then I used the J-hook and went through the back loop and did a single crochet in the back loop of the stitch. Then it’s just repeating the same stitch until I make a big enough piece to wrap around my head. This stitch is really easy because it’s just a single crochet but it is cool to see what different effects you can make with just one stitch by changing a little way to stitch. That’s also what I love about crocheting because you can learn so many different patterns and make other patterns just by one stitch. After I finish my piece, I sewed the sides up to make the beanie. Sewing two sides up is a really important step because if the stitches aren’t good enough then the beanie can come apart. From the beginning of sewing two sides together, leave a little tail for sewing a pom pom on top of the beanie. After sewing the two sides together, the last step is the pom pom step. The pom pom is pretty easy to make as well, wrap yarn together and then tie the middle part then cut the sides to make the pom pom. After the pom pom is made, sew it on the top of the beanie. This ribbed crochet beanie is really simple to make for a beginner. I highly recommend watching this video if you want to crochet a beanie for someone or yourself and learn from this video. It is a really easy stitch and a concept to make a cute beanie.

After making this beanie, I think I will have to make more as presents for people because it is such a cute beanie and it will keep your head warm in the winter season! It is a great way to hide bed heads if for some reason you wake up late in the morning and don’t have time to do your hair! I am super glad I found this video and learn how to crochet a beanie!

All pictures taken by me.